With your drive and the right strategy, you’ll have your jewelry selling in the best boutiques around the country. Are you a retailer who has a lot of sterling silver rings?

The jewelry industry has a history of being slow to adapt to new technology, but I was happy to see how many people attended Saeks’ Conclave presentation. The conversation in the room was open-minded and inquisitive. My recommendation would be to give it a try and see if it’s a good fit for your business. Inappropriate requests may include using racist or sexist language or giving instructions on how to do something dangerous.

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From Dongguan, Guangzhou, Qingdao, and Yiwu, he picks the best left inventory products from the wholesale markets in above areas. There is Langang market for gemstones and gold jewelry. You’ll find a concentration of sterling silver suppliers in Panyu. Liwan Plaza houses those that deal in natural stone beaded jewelry in Guangzhou. Taikang Road Jewelry Market deals in imitation jewelry. If you fall within the first three buyer categories, you are likely to have specific product designs, that is, particular designs you would like to buy and import. Now, you may need just a small amount of each model, let’s say a hundred of each design.

What is the difference between wholesale and retail price?

As you establish your sales channels, you should also start to establish your brand identity and implement a small-business marketing strategy. Creating a logo is a great starting spot, and it’s critical for establishing your business’s aesthetic. If you can’t find a graphic designer in your network to create one for you, there are plenty of logo-making services online. Keep in mind that your business plan is a living document. The amount calculated will be your wholesale price – the price you’ll quote to the retailer you sell to. The retailer would then mark up this cost – usually between 2-3% – when selling to its customers.

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Fine jewelry still has a presence in traditional retail

If you already enjoy jewelry making, making your own products can also be a great way to translate a hobby into a profitable business venture. If you’re new to jewelry making, consider starting with free online classes to pick up some basic skills. Reach new customers by selling online, in-store, and everywhere in between. With the Shopify POS app, you can view all your sales and inventory data and manage your jewelry business no matter where you sell.

But again, I would have to see them in person to give you an accurate appraisal. Hopefully that helps, and good luck with your pearls. Thanks, be safe, and we wish you the best with selling your ring. It is a nest ring made after the Olympic stadium, and it is number 1 of 25. I have some antique gems and gold coins, I found them in a cave in an old valley. Many years ago, I purchased a ring from the Museum of Man . It was from the estate of one of the original Ranchero families in California, and the ring was dated at around 1820.

Or, if your not local, send us a couple good clear pictures of the front and back of each piece, and we can give you better advice on the best place to sell them. But, assuming it was graded accurately, the wholesale value of your studs could be between $400-1,000. Be sure to checkout our article on the different ways jewelry is valued to learn more about cash wholesale value. Feel free to bring them by anytime in person and we can give you the exact cash wholesale value. I have 2 pieces I am interested in selling but I am unsure how to appropriately price them. They were appraised over a year ago at “retail value” for $7,900 and $3,700. Is there a rule of thumb percentage of the appraised retail price when selling jewelry?

That said, everybody has a different approach when it comes to buying and selling jewelry. When I’m buying I make my best cash wholesale offer to buy the estate up front (which is normally the highest offer when people have shopped around ?). Other’s may start with a low ball offer expecting you to counter. In the end, it’s about doing your homework to know what a fair offer is, and selling to a reputable dealer that will treat you right. You should be selling your jewelry the analog way, too. Start by selling to your friends and family, and let your brand grow via word of mouth. Make sure you create business cards, which include links to your online store and social media channels, that you can keep at the till.

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